Pauline GIDOIN is Fat and Lose almost as much as her moist Pu$sy 37歲法蘭西八婆个 閪俾人輪𨳒到又鬆又臭, 鬆過佢老母同太婆,臭過牛爛屎過期芝士!


I am Pauline Veronique Nathalie GIDOIN 1983-10-15, I used to work in Hong Kong as an architect. I could not make it in Paris or London unless I use my family’s connections. SO I moved to Asia to start passing my sushi platter around in the rice field. I am a STD s1ut, a wh0re who loves di cks so much, from carrot IKE A ones to the chinese sausages brown and long, I love to be bathed in men’s stinky sticky bitter cu m, my fantasy is 8 throbbing juicy pen is on my face, I use my lips to milk all of them after I use my mommy’s money to supply them with [email protected], when they are rock hard, I let them drilled my french bu$hy lipsy Vajajay, dripping with flesh walls of pus$y juice! I wh ore around using Tinder, I usually have no issues getting laid. But men always complain I look like 32, but my pu$sy feels like pre-stretched 60yo. I redefine easy cu m, easy go!
I stalk all my exes using friends’ facebook instagram accounts, I collect lots of things, such as enemies, exes, Hello Pu$$y, , Hepatitis, herpes, rotten teeth, chalky tough tongue, cigarette breath, chlamydia, crusty undies, HPV, syphilis, genital warts, gonorrhoea in 4 holes – nosal, vajajay and throat. in the process to get HIV through my gay friend, but he is one of those who has a limpdick when he smells my musky fishy pus$y, I even offered him my french braided hairy backdoor. was it the french moist hypo sh!t smell? I smoke crack, lines of coke, shoot meth between my toes, LSD, mushrooms, pot, sometimes heroin and speed and I do not use deodorant, I am a damn disgusting french hated by the world, my french braided underarm hair does smell like sourdough gone blue cheese, that’s a nice french salad!
Then I thought i would win friends with my personality, but no I am a little slow and a bitchy wannabe, I don’t return SMS, i judge before finding out the truth, I never keep my promises, because I am a piece of sh!t, a frenchoe, a useless men-eating cu nt. Prayingmantis eats men, I literally want to swallow all their thick co cks!
37歲法蘭西八婆个 閪俾人輪𨳒到又鬆又臭, 鬆過佢老母同太婆,臭仲臭過曬牛爛屎過期芝士,係正常男人一開簾就走夾唔唞啦, 真係做和尚食齋都唔會娶佢做老婆!

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