Nicolette Gersh — Tampa, Florida


This scumbags name is Nicolette Gersh. SHE HAS DRD She’s a homewrecker. She takes home whatever man she meets from at the bar she works at and fUks them with no protection. AND SHE HAS DRD. She carries her medication in her purse. She will brag that she is not gonna tell anyone until she gets in a serious relationship. It has been confirmed in the past month that she has gone home with minimum three men. And claims that she has a boyfriend.

4 thoughts on “Nicolette Gersh — Tampa, Florida

  1. We got together on night in back of the club. I put the seat back and she went for a little ride in my lap. She kept stopping to look around whenever a car would go in or out of the parking lot. I’m not sure if she was looking for someone she knew or if she was actually attempting to hide. She would giddy up again as soon as the car passed. She got the job done but by the time I got back into the bar my drink had been cleared from the table and there were two couples sitting there. I thought about ordering another drink but went ahead and left. I haven’t seen Nicolette since that night.

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